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Desirae and Steve

When I received Desirae’s email about photographing their wedding ceremony I was hesitant. I explained that I have never photographed a wedding before and mainly work with families. Desirae only wanted two things. She wanted her groom’s face captured as she walked towards him and to be able to get family photos. Considering that it was a small wedding and her main focus was family portraits I agreed to photograph their wedding.

Shortly after our initial email I hopped on a video call with Desirae & Steve to find out more about them and what they wanted their day to look like. I immediately liked them! They were incredibly down to earth, sweet and laid back.

The intimate wedding took place at a family member’s home. The home was beautiful and filled with their family. Desirae was already dressed and waiting until it was time to start. She was waiting in a small room with one window and the light that was coming in was just enough for some stunning bridal portraits! Her long sleeved lace gown was absolutely beautiful and she looked gorgeous!

When ever I go to a wedding one of my favorite things to do is look at the groom and seeing him anxiously await his bride. It is one of the sweetest things. Then to see their face light up as the bride walks to them – just makes my hopefully romantic heart skip a beat! Steve was no exception. He instantly smiled when he saw Desirae. You could just feel the loved and excitement between them!

As a list maker myself, I loved that Desirae already had a list of family combinations she wanted photos of. Whether you have a big or small wedding you still have a million thoughts running through your head and are so filled with excitement that it can be easy to forget all the family portraits that you want. I’d recommend any bride to get a list of must have wedding day photos!

It had been raining off and on all day and after the formal portraits were done it was still drizzling. I told Desirae and Steve I’m game for going outside for some photos if they are. They were up for it! So we headed out in the rain to the backyard for some photos of the new Mr. and Mrs.! It was SO worth it to get outside! They say rain on your wedding day is good luck and I’d have to agree. Covid nor the rain could ruin this couple’s wedding!

I truly enjoyed my time with this couple and their family. From the bottom of my heart I wish them the best of luck in their marriage and hope they have an amazing time on their honeymoon!

Thank you Desirae & Steve for letting me a part of your special day!

“I Can’t thank Amanda enough for 
these precious memories”



I highly recommend Amanda for capturing beautiful memories for you and your family.



Amanda did an absolutely amazing job with MY TWO YOUNG DAUGHTERS!



It was truly amazing to see how a pose could look so beautiful in the final photo.



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