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Hartland Family Session

Nikki had reached out to me months ago to book a session with flowering trees. I have always seen these beautiful trees but never really knew when they bloomed. Through some research and talking with other photographers in the area I learned the window for these beautiful trees isn’t very long! After finding a date when the flowers would be in bloom I was then was on the hunt for the perfect location! In the weeks leading up to the session I would pick my girls up from daycare and go out scouting locations (which the girls loved!). A friend had told me she had seen some of these trees at a trail in Hartland, so my girls and I went on a little hike and up on top of a hill all tucked away we found this beautiful tree. It was perfect! Not to mention the cute little creek near it! This trail also had a pretty white flowering tree right in the parking lot – of course you would never know I was literally standing in the parking lot for the pictures below…

This was my second time being able to take this family’s photos. I absolutely love repeat clients and seeing how their children grow! Connor is always so much fun and has the best smile. We even had time for some fun at the end of their session and Connor and his dad got to show off their superhero moves! As a photographer I obviously want the nice looking at the camera with a smile shot, but I also love to showcase kid’s personalities. I hope one day when Connor is all grown up he can look at these photos and remember how he loved to play superheroes with his dad.

Connor also had some fun with mom. I told him to whisper something funny into his mom’s ear. I have no idea what he said but it made mom laugh! Genuine, in the moment smiles & giggles are the best! These mother & son shots are the sweetest!

I’m so thankful that Nikki and her family trusted me with their family photos for a second year. Also, major kudos to Nikki for rocking that dress when it was chilly! Don’t let the photos fool you…it was cold the day of their session, but Nikki’s blush dress was so perfect and pretty with the flowering trees!

“I Can’t thank Amanda enough for 
these precious memories”



I highly recommend Amanda for capturing beautiful memories for you and your family.



Amanda did an absolutely amazing job with MY TWO YOUNG DAUGHTERS!



It was truly amazing to see how a pose could look so beautiful in the final photo.



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